iCloud to be unveiled on June 6


A couple of weeks ago, there were rumors of Apple’s entry into the cloud-based music service race alongside Amazon and Google.

Today, it is finally official: iCloud will be unveiled on June 6 at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), by none other than Steve Jobs himself.

We will all have to wait until the official public unmasking to find out exactly what iCloud has to offer. Regardless, I bet that Jobs is hoping Apple will be enough to feed our insatiable digital appetites.

Rumored to be a cloud storage/music locker/content delivery service, iCloud will supposedly build people’s online music libraries by initially scanning people’s hard drives and subsequently finding the corresponding song on the company’s servers. This will eliminate the need for users to manually upload their massive digital library onto their cloud storage/music locker.

Apple also has an edge over other companies with cloud services because they’ve secured deals with almost all of the major recording companies. Furthermore, it is also rumored that Apple is close to signing agreements with publishers and that they are negotiating with several film studios as well.


Source: CNet