Is Nikon Finally Counting Down to It’s Mirrorless Camera?


Nikon has been causing whirlwinds lately as the rumors of a mirrorless system from the company may prove to be true after all. They have setup a page at which counts down to the big “secret” announcement. If you’re wondering why this is big news, this is because out of all the major camera manufacturers, Nikon is one of the last companies to join the mirrorless game.

The usual leaks and rumors have been spreading around media outlets and the web. Perhaps we can say this officially began when Nikon’s mirrorless camera sensor, with a crop factor of 2.7x was leaked. The photo below is in comparison to a Micro Four Thirds 2.0x crop sensor.

Somebody even created a small graph/chart illustrating the differences between the sensors.

Recently, a Nikkei business report published that Nikon was pricing its first mirrorless system with a lens kit at $900-$1300 (approx. Php 39,000 – Php 57,000) which is a great price niche since it is currently not dominated by any other manufacturer. The abrupt report caused a small fiasco, in which Nikon quickly, but vaguely, retaliated:

And so now, Nikon has setup (yes, we know the name is off-putting) which shows a realtime countdown to their big announcement. Seems as if Canon got beat to the punch, although they apparently have an announcement of their own on Sept 22, although this might be regarding printers. Canon’s big mirrorless announcement is rumored to take place on November 3 2011.

According to Nikon rumors, the mirrorless cameras are to be called the Nikon V1 and Nikon J1.