Leaked iPad 3 parts combined into one Franken-tablet


There’s been enough iPad 3 parts leaked out in the wild that someone, somewhere, could theoretically put them together to get a rough estimate of what the next generation tablet from Cupertino would look like. Well, the folks at MIC Gadget did exactly that and put the supposed back panel, front glass and case. According to them, the rumors of the iPad 3 shunning the physical home button is unfounded, as the front case of the device still had that vital navigation aid. The tech outfit also confirmed that the standard capacities will still be present – 16, 32 and 64GB – and that the pricing of the device will still the same as the previous iPads when they were first released to the market. The iPad 3 would supposedly not carry LTE connectivity, as there’s currently too few countries currently using LTE to really benefit from the addition. You can visit Mic Gadget for a more thorough examination while we wait for the official March 7 unveil.

Source: MIC Gadget