Microsoft to buy Nokia?


As is the way of the world, the big fish feed on the little fish for nourishment. And this fact of life can also be seen in many bigger companies who bid for smaller companies and change the game altogether. The latest rumor going around is (big fish) Microsoft who is rumored to buy (little fish) Nokia, maker of mobile handsets.

Russian blogger Eldar Mutazin is said to be behind the rumor and may just know what he’s talking about as he once suggested that there were talks last year between Nokia and Microsoft over Windows Phone. He also forecast that Nokia would be changing its Ovi online store (which was just announced is now called Nokia Services). He shares that next week, Nokia will begin talks about the sales of the unit to Microsoft. The deal could close before the end of 2011. “Both companies are in a big hurry,” he writes (in Russian).

What will this mean if ever this rumor proves true?

Personally, I’m just happy I was able to purchase a new N82 battery for my extra, battery-less N82 phone. It’s been out of commission and I haven’t been able to come up with decent mobile films.


Source: The Guardian