Supposed iPad 3 back housing surfaces, has space for bigger battery, better camera?


March has been agreed upon as the unofficial iPad 3 unveil month by most tech outfits, so as we approach that hallowed month, it’s only natural that iPad 3 rumors are now coming out en-masse. This time round, it’s because of a supposed back housing from the iPad 3 taken from the Repair Labs Blog. The new back housing has subtle differences from the iPad 2, namely a narrower logic board which will allow the iPad 3 to have a bigger, beefier battery. Other major differences is the camera port and the LCD housing, which means that the iPad 3 will use a different kind of display from the iPad 2. The source of the pictures also said that there did not seem to be much of a difference thickness-wise between the two back housings, which would mean that thickness-wise, the iPad 3 will be near identical to the iPad 2. As with most rumors, take this with a grain of salt – only when the iPad 3 is officially unveiled that we can actually be sure of what its specs are and what it’s packing.

Source: Mac Rumors, Repair Labs Blog