Supposed iPad Mini and iPhone 5 designs show up in China


Before we start discussing what may or may not be pre-production models of the iPad Minio and iPhone 5, we ask you to be extremely skeptical of the following images that you’re about to see. Got it? Good. Let’s get on with it.

It seems that two pre-production models of the long rumored iPad Mini and the iPhone 5 has shown up in a manufacturing plant in China. The first picture shows a plastic model for the 7.85-inch iPad Mini, which seems to be touting the new, 19-pin dock connector that’s supposedly being made to replace the old one. From the pictures, it looks like that the iPad Mini will be thinner than the current iPad.

Next up is supposed aluminum model for the iPhone 5. There’s not really much to infer from the photos (aside from the fact that whatever manufacturing process the new iPhone will go through, it definitely involves a lot of heat) aside from the fact that it will have the same width and will be slightly taller than the old one.

Source: GottaBeMobile (1), (2)