The #music page: Hinting at the rumored Twitter music app?


It seems that the rumors might be true–Twitter may actually be launching its own music service. The image above is what you will see on your browser when you visit the URL Upon clicking the “Sign In” button, a small browser window with an authorization request for a service called “Trending Music Web” pops up.

The Verge reports that it isn’t the first time “Trending Music Web” turned up on Twitter. According to the website, the founder of We Are Hunted—the music recommendation service that Twitter has acquired—Stephen Phillips, has been tweeting songs from the said app.

Another tech news portal, All Things Digital, reports that the upcoming app will be able to suggest artists and tracks to Twitter users based on the accounts they follow and other “personalized signals.” The site claims that the app will allow users to listen to music while directly inside it using third-party services like iTunes and Soundcloud, and that it will also allow them to watch music videos provided by Vevo.

All Things Digital also says that another source told them that Twitter will be launching the service during Coachella Festival, one of the well-known and most-awaited annual music and arts festivals in the U.S., which will take place this weekend.

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