Will Facebook have Skype-powered video chat soon?



Last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg leaked to press in the United States that a new “awesome” feature would be added to the popular social networking site. Following up on that announcement, a mysterious invitation was sent to press in the United States today only with the words “Please join us for an event at Facebook”.

Rumors have been circulating that this might be the official announcement of a Skype-powered video chat service that will appear on Facebook. It will supposedly work within the web browser itself, but there is no confirmation whether users will need to download new software or if having Skype already installed will suffice.

While adding video capabilities to a social networking site seems to be the logical step to expand its methods of communication, there are certain implications to ponder. Is video chat an essential add-on to Facebook, and will it affect the site’s performance in any way? Another point in question is if Facebook will be able to implement some form of “censorship”, or a NSFW disclaimer?

The press event is set to occur this week, July 6, so we should expect updates by then.


Source: TechCrunch