Razer Cortex is your digital video game tiangge


Razer earlier today launched the Razer Cortex, a virtual marketplace software designed to provide affordable and accessible video game titles for its users. A world leader in gaming-centric devices and software, Razer has partnered with leading digital game distributor GOG.com and is currently offering eight titles tagged 80-percent below normal market prices for 30-days beginning […]

Anipang for Kakao craze hits PH

Anipang Screenshot

If you’re one of the many Filipinos exasperated at having to wait for lives to fill up in puzzle games, one popular candy-themed game in particular, wait no more. SundayToz’s Anipang for Kakao is here to relieve you from all the frustration. Korea’s addicting puzzle game, SundayToz’s Anipang for Kakao, is climbing up the Philippine charts, […]

ZTE welcomes King James Yap into its mobile empire


ZTE, one of the world’s largest handset manufacturers, held a press conference last July 23 to announce James Yap as the brand’s first Philippine ambassador while adding a little sneak peek into their new Nubia line of smartphones. The 2014 Finals MVP of the PBA Governors’ Cup expressed his excitement as the mobile company’s foremost […]

Is GTA V coming to PC in Q1 2014?


According to a report by European gaming news portal Eurogamer, multiple industry source have informed them that the PC edition of the seven-world-record-breaking Grand Theft Auto V will come out in Q1 of 2014. Previously, GTA 4 was launched in April 2008 for Xbox 360 and PS3, and was made available for PC in December of the […]

Gran Turismo documentary announced

gran turismo

Gran Turismo, the racing simulation game from Sony, has announced an upcoming documentary in celebration of their 15th anniversary. The Gran Turismo documentary called, Kaz: Pushing the Virtual Divide, will revolve around its creator Kazunori Yamauchi and his “relentless willingness to challenge himself, to hold none of his past achievements sacred, and push beyond the […]

Sony to release Asia-limited Final Fantasy merch for PS3 in November

Lightning returns FF XIII_logo

Attention, avid gamers and PlayStation lovers! Alongside the announcement of the release date of the PS4 in Asia, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia (SCEJA) announced that the DualShock 3 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Edition Bundle Pack alongside PlayStation 3 software Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (Chinese and Korean versions) will be publicly available on 21 November […]

Microsoft’s Cortana to compete with Siri and Google Now


Several sources have reported the possibility of a digital assistant that takes voice commands for Microsoft’s Windows Phone devices, going up against Android’s Google Now and Apple’s Siri. The rumored name of the voice-controlled feature is Cortana, after the AI character in Halo (it is still unclear whether they’re actually going to use her voice). […]

Spaceteam: The most fun you can have at a party, without alcohol


Party games are huge fun. Whether you’re just hanging out somewhere and looking to kill some tie with a few pals, or looking to break the ice at the next cozy gathering, Spaceteam is just the ticket. iOS and Android users can play this 2-4-player game, no matter what the device mix, either over Wi-Fi […]

The Walking Dead expansion pack hits platforms next week!


Fans of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead, your much-awaited expansion pack has just landed! The Walking Dead: 400 Days introduces five story lines featuring new characters in events that happen within the same time period and geographical area of the first season of the game. The Walking Dead is an adventure game for iOS, OS […]

Spread the plague and grow your soul-reaping business with Kickstarter game Death Inc.


Once again, we’ve stumbled upon another golden nugget in one of our browsing sessions on Kickstarter. This time, we found an interesting game that lets players control the Grim Reaper and unleash the bubonic plague amongst the villagers in 17th century England. This crazy, quirky game is called Death Inc., and in order for it […]

EnviroPop: Learning how to save marine life—the fun way!


In partnership with AppLabs Digital Studios, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines introduces its first app in the form of an iOS game called EnviroPop, which lets you virtually rescue endangered marine creatures found in the Philippines. EnviroPop offers a fun way of learning about the threats to endangered sea life. In the […]

CD Projeckt Red unveils absolutely gorgeous Cyberpunk 2077 teaser trailer


CD Projeckt Red has managed to make a name for itself by its awesome RPG franchise, The Witcher. Now the developers have unveiled a teaser trailer for their next game, titled Cyberpunk 2077, and man, is it gorgeous. The trailer is entirely in CGI so it may not impress gamers looking for in-game screens of […]