Quick Look: Elecom M-EG30 Egg Mouse


Elecom’s commemorative “egg mouse,’’ is incredibly lightweight and sports an attention-grabbing design anyone with an eye for detail would appreciate.

Whether it be for playing games, crafting work presentations, finishing reports, or gallivanting the internet, you can easily stash this mouse in your bag along with your productivity machine and work on the go.

Tipping the scales at just 30 g–its batteries included, the M-EG30 Egg Lightweight Bluetooth mouse is travel-friendly while still having the durability and performance of a regular mouse. Thanks to its fatigue-resistant and comfortable-in-hand design, users of the M-EG30 can work for longer hours too. Additionally, its battery can last for about two months on a single charge with its infrared LED for low-powered consumption and a built-in power switch that prevents battery drain.