Gadgetslab: Fanny Wang On Ear Wangs 1003


GadgetsLab .indd SPECIFICATIONS:
Type: On-ear/Over-ear headphones
Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 20 kHz
Drivers: 40mm custom titanium plated
matched drivers
Plug: Integrated Duo Jack
includes Apple integrated remote
• Crisp and Clear Sound
• Eye-catching design
• Tri-fold design
• From the texture of the headband, it’ll
surely catch dirt easily
The Fanny Wang On-Ear Wangs 1003
stays true to its brand: “Beautiful sound
begins on the outside.” This over-ear
headphone excels in both performance
and aesthetics—yes I’m pushing you to
go and get one.

GadgetsLab .inddI have never owned big headphones, nor am I a fan of them. I do have a call-center-ish one at home (if that counts), and I do carry around the handy earbuds that came with my iPod to keep me entertained. When my editors assigned me the Fanny Wang On-Ear Wangs, I was taken aback by the plus-sized packaging, but after a little while, I ended up really enjoying the headphones.

As I laid eyes on the box, my first instinct was to read every single word that was scribbled on the headphones’ white packaging. The first thing that caught my attention was its brand name, Fanny Wang. I wanted to find out who this Fanny (or Wang) was so this brought me to a quick trip to Google. It turns out that he, is not a person. Leaving that little bit of confusion behind, I turned my attention to the box, which was rather huge and rectangular. Pushing away its outer cover reveals a plain white box. Flipping one side of the box reveals the headphones, folded up for storage. I took them out of the box and examined what other goodies were inside. There was a white velvet pouch bag with a Duo-Jack, which we’ll get to later, a product manual, and the Fanny Wang authenticity card.

I don’t want to sound Neanderthal but when I took hold of the headphones it was folded, which made it look portable, so what I did was flex it Gadgetslab . indd 25 and it snapped. I had a mini-heart attack, but when you get used to it the clicking sound is oddly pleasant. The design ofthe headphones is very hip, stylish and classy. The one I got was white, it’s the type that you can casually wear around your neck on days you are wearing jeans and a shirt, and still look cool.

The headband has a gamuza-like texture that will make you want to keep touching it. It is very comfortable even after hours of non-stop music playback, thanks to its soft ear cups. If you worry about the headphones’ fit on your noodle, a quick pull on the slim, adjustable headband will do the trick. Its aluminum hinges compliments the modern, sophisticated look of the ear set. Another thing that fascinated me was its tri-foldability and the removable cable. Unlike its packaging, the On-Ear Wangs are compact enough to just toss in your bag. It’s a very comfortable pair of cans, though after a while, I did notice that they felt a little heavy on my head, particularly when I was seated.

The cushioned ear-cups literally isolates me from the world, it saved me from doing household chores, because when my mom called me, I could honestly not hear a thing. A great feature included with the Fanny Wang is the Duo Jack in-line cable splitter that comes with every On-Ear set; you can share music with your friends without taking off your headphones or breaking it into two. This is great when you and your friend are of the fangirl nature, as you can sing along to your favorite boybands, even with a single music source.

It also comes with Apple integrated remote and microphone, to keep you in control of your calls and playlists.

I put it on and played a random K-pop (electro-pop to dubstep) song from my iPod and I was sold on the headphones. I’m not exaggerating but it really felt like I was having a private listening to my favorite artists, right in my room. It was a sound explosion: overpowering and just pleasant overall. The sound is very rich; K-pop is usually sung in groups, and the distinction between voices and the blending of the same was very clear. I also tried other genres and the sound it produced was balanced-not too much treble not too much bass. Thanks to its 40mm custom titanium-plated paired drivers, every note was crystal-clear, and the gold-plated contacts managed to increase sound clarity greatly.

I’ll give an enthusiastic thumbs up for these over-ear headphones, with bonus points for coming in white, black, green, blue, and orange. The Fanny Wang On-Ear 1003 is classy, yet modern-a very chic choice for those who enjoy listening to music.

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First published in Gadgets Magazine, July 2013

Words by Mia Carisse Barrientos