AntiGravity Aerial Yoga: Zen-like suspension


First-timer Michelle Callanta-Toledo in the “Chandelier Pose” [digital artwork by Benjamin Arnold


Now all of this may seem intimidating especially since you’re suspended in the air with what is still essentially a piece of cloth (despite its amazing strength as an AntiGravity Hammock can hold up to 1000lbs.), but there is something very alluring and beautiful about how the poses look and are executed. (Think singer Pink’s performance at the Grammy’s). It’s almost reminiscent of how you used to play on the monkey bars and you’d flip over bravely, knowing you wouldn’t break your neck (and still look really cool doing it). Perhaps the apprehensions come with age. In my case, though there was the anxiety of falling off (if only a short distance off the floor) I was more afraid of looking completely ungraceful and utterly foolish. But if you’re determined, and if you listen carefully to your instructor, you’ll find yourself defying the very laws of gravity and strengthening your very core as well.


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