Just Mobile Highway Pro lets you drive and charge


JM Highway Pro

Cars nowadays have built-in USB charging ports, though that’s not speaking for all. If yours doesn’t have one, don’t worry—Just Mobile got you covered.

Just Mobile offers an innovative solution that lets you charge all your mobile devices while on the road. The Just Mobile Highway Pro is the iconic twin-slot in-car charger for iPhone, iPad, and other USB-powered devices, so now, there’s no need to even worry about running out of battery!

The Highway Pro easily plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter socket, revealing its diamond-tread aluminum head with subtle power light. Its two USB ports deliver high-performance output to rapidly charge two devices simultaneously, with a built-in fuse to protect them from power surges. Supplied with a 1.8m micro USB-to-USB cable, the Just Mobile Highway Pro is the chic charger your dashboard deserves.

Just Mobile Highway Pro
Available in silver and black, the Just Mobile Highway Pro retails for PHP 1,895. To locate a reseller near you, email marketing@msi-ecs.com.ph.