Generika strengthens market presence; offers more than just generics


Businesses are finding their way to address and fulfill the more localized needs of their consumers. And in a country that requires the availability and accessibility of more affordable yet high-quality products and services, entrepreneurs are beginning to see and appreciate the social importance of being able to provide them. One such company is Generika Drugstore.

Awarded the DSAP (Drugstore Association of the Philippines) Quality Award in 2008 and granted the BFAD (Bureau of Food & Drugs) Quality Seal Award to five branches in 2009, Generika Drugstore is one business endeavour that shows great promise. Generika Drugstore president Teodoro L. Ferrer was also recognized as one of the Top Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs in 2008 and a finalists in the prestigious Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year-Philippines 2010.

Generika Drugstore, a pioneer in the retail distribution of quality generic medicines in the country, is strengthening its market presence this year through store expansion and brand-building activities.

Founded in 2003, the Generika Drugstore chain aims to provide for the health care needs of Filipino families by offering affordable but quality products with superior customer service.

Affordable Quality

Generika Drugstore not only offers generic medicines as a value-for-money alternative to branded products.  It also ensures that consumers get quality medicines that carry the same active ingredients and are as beneficial as branded products.

Generika Drugstore has strong internal standards for screening and monitoring the quality of medicines offered in its drugstores.  It carries only BFAD-approved products and verifies that its suppliers comply with good manufacturing practices.

Since temperature and other storage conditions may affect the efficacy of medicines, Generika Drugstore warehouses and stores are air-conditioned to maintain drug potency.

Affordable quality, not lowest price is the Generika Drugstore mission.

Professional Service

Distinguishing it above other neighborhood boticas is the superior level of service offered by Generika Drugstore.  In-store personnel are trained to offer professional counseling to customers, giving them advice on how to use drugs safely and effectively.

All Generika Drugstore outlets offer free blood pressure monitoring, while blood sugar screening (FBS/RBS) as well as cholesterol screening can be availed for a very minimal fee.  Generika Drugstore conducts Libreng Konsulta, Libreng Bunot days as part of its outreach program, while generic awareness presentations are held to educate senior citizens and other groups about generic drugs.

All stores are fully computerized and use a powerful and user-friendly point-of-sale (POS) application that was developed in-house and continues to be enhanced for the benefit of franchisees and their customers.

Beyond Generics

In addition to quality generic medicines, Generika Drugstore also carries branded medicines, medical supplies, galenicals (or herbal formulations), and selected consumer goods — all at very competitive prices.  Thus, Generika Drugstore offers a wider product selection and are more complete drugstores compared to similar small outlets.

For added customer convenience, selected Generika Drugstore outlets offer free delivery service for a minimum P300 purchase of generics.