Never judge a book by its cover, urges Carlsberg


What would it take for you to go on a movie date with your significant other to watch a movie you both know can only be seen on the big screen (like Lion King 3D)? Usually all it takes is a trip to the mall, a couple of movie tickets and if you’re lucky, some nice seats front row and center. But what do you do when you realize your fellow movie-goers are a bunch of rough-looking, Harley-Davidson driving, tattoo-sporting, leather-clad bikers straight out of that show Sons of Anarchy, but 148x worse?

Danish beer company Carlsberg decided to find out by creating a campaign called ‘That Calls for a Carlsberg’ where unsuspecting couples had a choice to take the only two available seats left amidst a sea of some pretty intimidating and mean-looking bikers. While some felt the crowd “wasn’t what they paid for” and immediately left the theater, a few brave souls decided that perhaps not even 148 ways to potentially get into some serious injury can stop them from enjoying a lovely movie date. And for these brave and open-minded individuals, a roaring applause and a couple of beers was there reward.

And character like that ALWAYS deserves an applause (and a beer).