Sol Republic takes the music experience up a notch with game-changing headphones


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The Tracks HD Aoki headphone retails at PHP 9,500

Dedicated to amplify the music listening experience with high definition, durable, and stylish-looking music lifestyle products, SOL REPUBLIC takes a step further with the launch of its new and affordable headphones.

“Everyone at SOL REPUBLIC believes in the power of music. It touches us and moves us in profound ways,” said Kevin Lee, co-founder and CEO. “SOL REPUBLIC is a group of music lovers who have a passion to deliver better music experiences to everyone. At our core, we believe that music is the soundtrack of everyone’s life and when music sounds better, you feel better. We named the company SOL REPUBLIC after that belief, SOL is an acronym for Soundtrack Of Life because music provides the soundtrack for every memory and for the profound and everyday moments in your life. Today that means engineering great-sounding, fashionable headphones and creating a community dedicated to music experiences; however, our future will take us far beyond.”

Sound, Style, and Durability

SOL REPUBLIC assembled an industry-leading team, engaging top design houses, and developing advanced materials, to deliver headphones with unmatched sound, style and durability. The brand takes pride  in its full-bass punch and clear highs without distortion.

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The Tracks HD Tokidoki retails at PHP 9,500

Recognizing the individuality of each music lovers, SOL REPUBLIC introduced the first interchangeable on-ear headphone. It features swappable headbands, speakers and cables in various colors, designs and performance. The on-ear Tracks headphones can be customized to match one’s style, music and desired performance.

While most headphone brands offer the same high quality music output as SOL REPUBLIC, the brand conducted extensive materials research to create the ultimate indestructible on-ear headphone. The result is a proprietary advanced new polymer called FlexTech, which makes Tracks durable.


SOL REPUBLIC on-ear and in-ear headphones are offered in either standard and HD models. Each headphone boasts a unique sound signature, chic design and  a remote and mic integration.


The Amps HD is an in-ear headphone that retails at PHP 6,000

All on-ear headphones have interchangeable headbands and cables. While for the Tracks and Tracks HD collection, SOL REPUBLIC will offer different finishes, colors and designs.