Victoria Beckham’s 24-carat solid gold iPhone


She’s known for being Posh Spice, the wife of one of the most talented soccer players and for having a massive collection of Birkin bags the world has ever seen.

Now she can add “gold iPhone owner” to that list.

Last month, Victoria Beckham was seen in London holding on to a gold iPhone 4. Last week, she was caught in transit between London and New York sporting the same luxury device.

Prior to Beckham’s unit, photos of a platinum and gold iPhone (allegedly bought by a sheik) circulated on the internet.

Created by Stuart Hughes, the solid gold, 150-gram, 24-carat iPhone was started and finished by hand and priced at £21,995 (about PhP 1,539,650). Hughes is a known creator of luxury items, some of which are a solid platinum iPad with diamond-studded Apple logo

and a 22-carat, solid gold Nintendo Wii.

Don’t worry, you can still trick out your smartphone if you’re the frugal type. Watch out for our March issue for some tips.

Photos of Stuart Hughes products from here.

Photo of Victoria Beckham from here.