Wake up to the smell of toast, everyday and everywhere.


Nothing wakes a person up sweeter than the scent of breakfast being prepared to welcome you to another glorious day, despite even the heavy rains and the bleak look of outside. And what better way to keep this calming, bright and sunny smell all throughout the morning and all the way to work than to carry around your very own Toast Air Freshener.

The Toast Air Freshener takes one of breakfasts more delightful scents, the smell of steamy warm toast and is featured as two slices of bread that just popped out of your vintage toaster. As the toast is only 3 ¼ – inches tall (string for hanging is also included), it would be best to keep it hanging in your car so you can bring the delightful, homey smell with you all the way to work. (Not advisable to wear around your neck though.)

Of course, we’re not too big on toast as a typical Filipino breakfast staple although perhaps a pandesal air freshener would be more befitting.