Parade: LG 84LM9600, 4K SMART TV



The LG 84LM9600 is perfect for the big living room in your home,  as well as for public viewing places where you want to have crowd­ drawing video-this 84-inch 4K offering will not disappoint those who want to see things in Ultra HD.It has a screen refresh rate of 240Hz, which is quadruple that of current Full HD (1080p) TVs.It can upscale standard definition and high definition into 3D and 4K,so you can watch all your old videos and movies.Its dual-core CPU ensures that you’ll have a stutter-free experience,and you can adjust for various picture modes as well.There is also built-in Wi-Fi so you can also access many of the features that a Smart TV would have,such as talking on Skype with your friends and relatives or browsing the Internet.There

are three USB ports,one LAN port and four HDMI ports.




First Published in Gadgets Magazine March 2013