Parade: MiLi Power Spring 5



The MiLi Power Spring 5 battery case offers 2200mAh of extra battery power for the iPhone 5. Designed as a snap-on case, the Power Spring 5 adds no length to your iPhone 5, thanks to the neatly hidden charging cable. When not in use, the cable sits in the bottom of the case ready to be pulled out when the battery needs a quick top up. Being only 15.2mm thick (including the iPhone) it’s one of MiLi’s thinnest, most stylish battery products yet! If you want extra protection and power while maintaining the ease of use, slim and lightweight design, and the unique look of the iPhone 5, the Power Spring 5 has you covered. It’s available in glossy black, white, and matte silver.

PHP 3,300

First published in Gadgets Magazine, November 2013