Parade: OtterBox Commuter Series Wallet



Breaking out in cold sweat in the morning because of the rush and panic brought by that travel card, money, and phone you can’t find? Turn a manic day into a carefree one with OtterBox’s Commuter Series Wallet. This ultra-protective phone case doubles as a wallet, with a discrete storage that gives users quick access to cash and other important cards with just a simple slide. The integrated sliding drawer conceals and securely carries up to three cards without added bulk, and your magnetic card or ID can be conveniently scanned without removing it from the case. Featuring an interior slip-cover and sturdy polycarbonate shell, multi-layer support makes your phone bump-and shock-proof, while a self-adhering screen protector fends off touch-screen scratches. The Commuter Series Wallet is available in black, glacier, and primrose for iPhone 5/5s, and black or glacier for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

PHP 2,500

First published in Gadgets Magazine, November 2013