Parade: Toshiba L2300 Series


Toshiba L2300Big, but never obtrusive, Toshiba’s L2300 series boasts of incredibly versatile, high-definition, slim LED Power TVs. Offered in a modern gunmetal finish, the L2300 unit is perfect for any room where you need a larger, quality TV or extra PC monitor. Picture quality features, such as Dynamic Picture Mode and ColorMaster make it perfect for entertainment. ClearScan 120Hz technology doubles the refresh rate for clearer, fast-motion video. It’s also equipped with a full set of connections including HDMI inputs and features technologies like Game Mode and Game Timer. With a 720p display, DynaLight Technology, USB input, and Audyssey Technology to boot, the L2300 series of TVs offer units that are available in a range of sizes, making it easy to find one to fit your need.

PHP 47, 990


First published in Gadgets Magazine, September 2013