Parade: TrendNet TEW-713RE



If we weren’t firm believers in science, we would praise Wi-Fi as a gift from the heavens. As with anything scientific, though, it has its limitations, most notably thick walls, glass doors and other hindrances. The real gift here, is Trendnet’s N150 Easy-N-Range Extender that takes your existing wireless router’s signal and boosts it, extending it to even the hard-to reach dead spots in your home. Setup is easy. Just hit the WPS button on your router, switch this puppy on, and you’re all set. It supports the 802.11n standard, and is backwards-compatible to the older standards as well. So the next time you’re crying at a dead spot at home, stop praying to the angels for rescue. Get yourself the N150 Easy-N-Range Extender and put all your weeping to rest.

First published in Gadgets Magazine, November 2013