Parade: Trendnet TEW-MFP1



Printers serve a very important purpose in the digital world. They serve as the bridge between the 1s and 0s that make up the important documents, presentations and letters of our computer-bound lives and turn them into tangible, physical copies we can read, touch, ball up and shoot into the recycling. The problem with them is that more often than not, they have to be tethered to our desktops and laptops to function. With the TEW-MFP1, you can turn almost any printer you own into a wireless network printer. The device has a USB and Ethernet port, so you can plug in the device, and connect to it both via Wi-Fi, and through a network switch. The device’s WPS function allows you to painlessly connect to your wireless router and start pumping out documents in a few short minutes, with no pain. If your network has a lot of users and large print volumes, this is exactly the device for you.

First published in Gadgets Magazine, November 2013