Parade: Vibram Treksport Sandal


vibram treksportMountaineering used to be about huge, thick, clunky boots that were more closely related to off-road tires than footwear. This was once the only way to get the kind of protection and stability needed to traverse rocky terrain and muddy trails. Vibram has changed that with the Treks port Sandal-a thin, light, snug sandal that lets the climber feel the terrain underfoot, and reduce muscle fatigue during the long hours of climbing. The Treksport Sandals are both breathable and protective, ensuring comfort, without compromising safety. The padded tongue and windows on the upper make even the most tedious climb fun, so you can focus on the great outdoors, and not the state of your feet. If you’re going to hit the trail, take the Vibram Treksport Sandal. You owe it to your feet.

First published in Gadgets Magazine, June 2013