Parade: Seagate Terascale HDD



Create an uninterrupted work experience with Seagate’s highest capacity HDD (4TB) 3.5-inch enterprise-class SATA HDD. The Terascale HDD offers data centers maximum storage scalability, producing low workload in a 24×7-replicated environment. It is a cost-effective enterprise platform capable of storing exabytes of unstructured data in the cloud. The Terascale HDD provides ultra-low power consumption—as low as 4.8W—by reducing ongoing energy and cooling costs for large-scale operations. Keep your organization’s data secured with Seagate’s patented Instant Secure Erase (ISE) technology. Using the Terascale HDD saves money and time by cutting drive erasure times from dragging hours to milliseconds, thereby stipulating faster drive disposal or repurposing in a secured operation. The drive features a low-cost 6 Gb/s SATA interface for easy amalgamation with lower cost SATA infrastructures.

PHP 13,399

First published in Gadgets Magazine, October 2013