AmpliTube Slash app features models based on Slash’s gear


Ready to shred like the Guns N’ Roses axeman?

IK Multimedia has released the latest addition to its line-up of AmpliTube effects that lets you do just that. AmpliTube Slash, chiefly created as an add-on for AmpliTube, is a suite that includes the legendary guitar icon’s signature guitar effects and amps.

Slash worked closely with IK to ensure accurate modeling of his entire rig. The app features models of the actual amplifiers and pedals used by Slash during recording sessions and when he’s on tour. Here’s a full list of the gear:


  • /Delay (Slash’s Delay Pedal; based on Boss DD3)
  • Slash Gate (noise eliminator; based on MXR Smart Gate)
  • Slash “Octo Blue” (octave and distortion pedal; based on MXR Blue Box)
  • Slash X-Chorus (controls chorus rate and EQ; based on MXR Stereo Chorus)
  • Slash’s Secret Booster (increases gain for solos; based on double secret Custom Audio Distortion/Boost pedal)
  • Slash Wah Dist (adds distortion to wah; based on Dunlop SW95 Slash Wah)


  • Marshall JCM Slash Edition Silver Jubilee Head
  • Marshall AFD100

Speaker Cabinets:

  • Marshall 1960ASL
  • Marshall 1960BSL

Take a look at this video of Slash doing a demo of the new app.

AmpliTube Slash is available both as a stand-alone app and as an in-app purchase at the AmpliTube Custom Shop.

According to, AmpliTube Slash for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is available in the App Store for USD $9.99. If you’re an existing user of AmpliTube on these platforms, you can avail of AmpliTube Slash as an in-app purchase for USD $9.99. Individual models can be purchased starting at USD $2.99.

For Mac and PC users, you can purchase AmpliTube Slash at the AmpliTube Custom Shop for USD $79.99. Individual models are priced at a starting rate of USD $5 each.

For those who aren’t familiar with AmpliTube, it’s basically a guitar and bass emulation software that can be used both as a standalone application and as a digital audio workstation (DAW) plug-in. You can read more about AmpliTube, the Custom Shop, and the AmpliTube Slash by clicking the links below.