App to help students buy-and-sell textbooks


This is why I truly believe students have it so much easier these days. Back in my day (which wasn’t really all that long ago —just goes to show how fast we’re advancing), textbooks took tedious trips to the mall and bookstore, hoping to score a bargain at the local “book sale” or finding a fellow course-mate who could lend you the books (so you can photocopy all 500 pages). But now, all you need is your phone or mp3 player and you have another means of helping you get that degree.

The Amazon Student App, available on the iPhone and iPod Touch, allows college students buy and even sell texbooks. You can check prices by scanning the barcode and you can trade in your stuff and turn them into Amazon Gift Cards. And with Amazon Prime shipping, you also get free two-day shipping for six months.

Now maybe I can finally buy my own copy of C. Wright Mills “The Sociological Imagination.”