Beer Below Zero goes digital



Nobody likes warm beer. It’s just not how nature intended things to be. If you like your beer  cold, cold, cold, chances are good you have heard of and tried Beer Below Zero (BBZ). Chances are also good you loved every colder-than-ice sip. If, like us, you can’t get enough of it, it can be frustrating to want that BBZ bite and not fine a place nearby at which to satiate that thirst. There’s an app for that.

BBZ is proud to announce the BBZ App. This app keeps you updated on everything that has anything to do with BBZ: the best drinking spots, promos, events, and most importantly, the Partners tab that lets you find the nearest drinking spot that offers BBZ. Wherever in the world you are, if the BBZ wave has hit, the app can show you just where to go.

The Beer Advisor in the app keeps you up-to-date on the latest promotions by BBZ. It even includes a feature that captures photos in all it’s beered up glory, and allows you to quickly share it on a number of popular social media sites.

Drinking is fun, and a great way to bond with friends, but one has to drink responsibly. The apps Alco-Meter helps you keep track of the number of drinks you have had in a session, and gives you a chard that shows your state from “Buzzed” all the way to “Trainwrecked,” and lets you know approximately how long it will take you to sober up, or if you need to call in a favor to get your butt home.

Interested? Grap your iOS device and find it on the App Store.