Critteroos App makes learning about animals more entertaining


You may not know this but my first job immediately after I graduated from college was a teaching position at a local private school, and as part of my application, I had to read a children’s story (with as much gusto and pep as most Kindergarten teachers do). I chose The Little Red Hen because I figured I could show off my “animal sounds” while giving a lesson on proper work ethics and personal initiative. Of course, I’d be embarrassed to do anything like that now. Good thing technology has a way of not only saving you from making funny farmyard animal noises, it allows children to learn about them more efficiently.

Critteroos, a new app for iPad and iPhone uses stock images of animals and gives them life through an interactive game. Designer Clement Mok uses the CMCD Visual Symbols library to create an imaginative series of iPad education software. From learning the different animal sounds, to mix-and-match animal top/bottom halves to animal image and name pairing, children have a more entertaining way to develop their memory and vocabulary skills. But not to stunt creativity, kids can also let their imaginations run wild by creating “Critteroos” or mismatched animals for their own personal amusement which can then be saved to the iPhoto library.

Critteroos sells for $2 on iTunes