Ever wonder how much juice your appliances use? So did this guy.


Rob Cockerham, metric freak and owner of the website www.cockeyed.com, has lingering questions about just how much power his appliances used in real world terms. Being handy with a calculator and a Watt meter, he went all around his house documenting how much power each of his more or less common devices used, and calculating about how much each device costs to run, putting each entry in a handy photo format HERE. While the figures, when calculated are taken in USD and the power rates of his current California home, the raw figures make for a pretty good estimate of power use. An iPhone charger, apparently, uses all of 4 Watts. We’ve been using this at home, in concert with the Meralco power calculator to get an idea just how much our electronic devices are costing us. Savings are always appreciated, so go check out his site, do a little math, and go take a look at how much you spend for each of your bright, shiny, plugged-in toys.