Facebook tweaks photo-viewing on feed


Since last year, Facebook has made several changes to its interface, including the cover photo feature and the highly criticized Timeline. TechCrunch reports that Facebook will get another face-lift—this time, altering the way we see photos on the news feed.

Photos in the news feed will be shown as enlarged versions that can be up to twice the original size. The new design also lets photo albums on the feed appear as one full, enlarged version of a photo on top of three thumbnails. The text in the news feed will also appear larger and wider spaced, says TechCrunch.

This interface modification of the news feed emphasizes the photo-sharing capacity of Facebook and provides an easier way to view them on the feed without having to be redirected to the album itself.

A month ago, Facebook already performed this change on its mobile interface. Seeing as they want to apply the same changes to the web interface, the enhanced mobile interface must have received positive feedback.

If you’re not too excited about it, don’t worry. Facebook says that they will roll it out gradually, which means that not all users will immediately have access to this update when they start implementing the changes.

Source of photo: here