Facebook unleashes the kid in you with stickers for messages

Facebook's sticker store

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With the plethora of chat and instant messaging applications that offer users with interactive, creative, and lightweight communication, Facebook wants to gain the upper hand as they let you affix stickers to your messages.

Recently introduced only to Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps for iOS and Android, stickers can now be attached to your messages on the web.

These adorable and quirky stickers are character-driven emoticons, allowing a more spontaneous, fun and elaborate communication with your friends and family.

Aaron Goldsmid, the product leader behind Facebook’s sticker initiative told CNET that although stickers are silly in nature, they are intended to help users communicate better and “mimic […] what’s lost in face-to-face connections.”

The stickers are accessible by hitting the smiley icon on the message panel. More stickers are also available at the sticker store (basket icon), which as of press time, includes 16 free packs.

Facebook's sticker store
Facebook’s sticker store

These cute emoticons for the young and those young at heart enable a more expressive and amusing interaction, so for us, it’s “Hooray!” for stickers all the way!