GameChanger allows your iPad to bring people together


Though I just recently (yes, like a few days ago recently) discovered how addicting Angry Birds can be (I was forced to learn and play the game on my iPod Touch in an initial attempt to look busy lest I be forced to engage in small talk, but that’s not the point), I still find the alienating way it keeps one busy and engaged a bit perplexing. Even when I was told to get an iPad to take my newfangled addiction to a whole new and much wider level, I still found that it made me less social than I’m comfortable with.

But now you can share the fun (and justify getting an iPad not just for some solo game-play) with the GameChanger. Developed by Identity Games, the GameChanger allows people of all ages to engage in a board game that can get everyone involved. Just slide the iPad into the board’s dock, touch the board, and the screen communicates with 48 pressure fields transforming your iPad into a living game board. Two games come installed with the app, Animal Mania and Magic Schoolbus.