JPEGmini Reduces Image Size Up to 5X Without Loss in Quality


There’s a new form of image compression out there, and it just might become the format of the future.

JPEGmini was forged by Isreali startup ICVT, and they have been working hard on harnessing the potential power of the JPEG format. Essentially, what their technology does is  compress the image just until the threshold of where unwanted “artifacts” become visible. 


ICVT says that JPEGmini can compress photos up to 5x without any true loss in quality. The potential advantages of JPEGmini are quite obvious for professional photographers and for those that just want to post and/or email photos to family and friends. To get a better grasp on what it can do for you, the following table illustrates an approximation of file reduction capabilities.

But number and statistics can be difficult to visualize, so I decided to try it out with one of my photos. I uploaded a photo that was 4272 x 2848, and JPEGmini was able to reduce it by 2.3x

If you’re still have qualms, you can try JPEGmini for yourself, to witness firsthand what it is capable of.

Did your photos lose weight?



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