Microsoft rounds off public cloud offering with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services



Microsoft has just announces a major update to its cloud computing platform in the shape of Windows Azure. Azure enables customers to quickly and simply move existing apps to the cloud to preserve their existing in-site hardware, while leveraging on the cloud’s speed, economics and scale. This levels the playing field for smaller businesses who do not have the resources to handle the high CapEx and OpEx of their own servers.

The Windows Azure Infrastructure Services, Microsoft is now the only cloud provider that offers customers a comprehensive cloud hybris cloud solution that integrates existing IT infrastructure with all the benefits of the public cloud and lets them run side-by-side, allowing users to reap the effects of both.

The service will allow users to be billed through the use of a credit card, at a “pay-as-you-go” basis depending on several use factors. Signup is simple, and at the demo, a virtual server was made live and populated in a matter of minutes, with the ease of signing up for an email account. There is even a handy billing calculator that allows users to see approximately how much they will be billed based on space, amount of computing power and time they wish to use.

Local publishing company Vibal has switched to Azure’s cloud services, and has lauded its benefits. They noted the ability to deploy their website faster, making operations more efficient, and resulting in faster turnaround for the business as a whole. Of note was their users’ appreciating the quicker loading of the Vibal website.

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