Mobile Tips and tricks for Yoga enthusiasts


Yoga has been growing in popularity with the Metro Manila crowd, as evidenced by the growth in the number of yoga studios offering to help Manilans stretch, bend and centre their bodies and minds.

Here are 10 tips and tricks on how to use your mobile device to improve your yoga workout:


Look for yoga studios around the Metro with Google Maps for mobile: Search for ‘Yoga in Manila’ by clicking on the Places icon in your Google Maps for mobile app, and you will find a list of various establishments, their names, addresses, websites and telephone numbers.

Check out yoga postures with Google Images: Type in the name of the posture in your Google Search app, and you’ll find diagrams and pictures of both professional and beginners executing the pose.

Track the number of calories burned in your yoga workout: Install the Calories Burned app on your Android device to calculate the numbers of calories burned during a workout in two easy steps.

Do yoga in the comfort of your own home: The Android Market offers useful yoga apps that provide step-by-step videos of each posture. Daily Yoga for Back details 19 yoga asanas in 10-minute routines. A demo, along with a timer and background music guide yoga beginners from start to finish.

Challenge yourself with new poses: The Android app, My Yoga Routine, offers beginner to advanced yoga asanas that will make you sweat. The app has animated yoga classes that include instructions and voice narration.

Find instructional yoga videos on YouTube for mobile: Stay updated and keep your routines fresh by checking out instructional videos on your YouTube mobile app.

Remember to rehydrate: Yoga routines, especially those that involve heat like Bikram or Ashtanga, can be pretty intense and cause dehydration. Stay hydrated the whole day with Drinking Water – Carbodroid, an Android app which helps you reach your goal of drinking the eight recommended glasses of water per day.

Maximize the benefits of your yoga practice by eating healthy: Embrace the holistic living embodied by yoga and turn to the Android app, BBC Food, which offers over 160 healthy recipes with full screen photos.

Read up on yoga with Google Books: To find out more about the ancient art, or to glean more tips for your practice from informative books and magazines, head over to Google Books. Simply select Books under the ‘more’ tab in your Google Search app, and enter a search for ‘yoga’.

Share your experiences on the Web: Sign up to Google+, access it on your mobile and let the world know about your experience with and passion for yoga. Who knows? You might just reach out to someone else in need of a lifestyle change.