mydlink SharePort Mobile App for a More Convenient Cloud Storage


mydlink SharePortOne of the world’s leading networking products providers, D-link International Pte Ltd launches the mydlink Shareport. It is a mobile application that allows its users to turn their USB storage device connected D-Link cloud router into a secure private cloud storage space for FREE! Now, both iOS and Android users can easily control their files and to whom they’re sharing it with.

Moreover, setting up your own mydlink Shareport can easily be done through following these simple steps:  First, register the the D-Link Cloud Router on the mydlink service, which can be done during the initial setup process. Then download the free mydlink SharePort mobile application that is available on iOS and Android platforms. And lastly, plug in a USB storage device to the router and all files, including movies, music and photos can be streamed directly and saved onto the smartphone or tablet for later use.

In addition to this, users of mydlink SharePort Remote Access can conveniently expand their storage space just by plugging another USB drive for extra space without additional subscription fees or recurring charges. Plus, D-Link’s routers run on 802.11ac networking standard, which is three times faster compared to the conventional 802.11n standard.

The free mydlink SharePort Mobile app for iOS and Android devices is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

For more information on supported D-Link Cloud Routers, please visit, or the Mobile App page on App Store and Google Play.