New features added to Mozilla Firefox 22

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Mozilla adds several features to Firefox in its new update, including support for 3D gaming, video calls, and file sharing without the need of third-party software and plug-in installations.

According to TheNextWeb, in an interview with Mozilla’s Vice President of Firefox Engineering Jonathan Nightingale, he expressed how one’s frequency of usage influences the changes in the browser. According to him, people want faster browsers to access information and interact with other people.

Mozilla calls the new version of their JavaScript “supercharged”, wherein 3D games and photo processing services can be used directly on the web.

BananaBread, a first-person shooter 3D game created by Mozilla was also added and is meant for users to play and to highlight the potential of its additional features.

Furthermore, features of this new update are also available to mobile devices, with this expansion enabling them to reach out to mobile users.

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