On hitting the 7 Billion mark


While the United Nations asserts that we’ve already hit our 7 billion mark, the US Census Bureau estimates it won’t be until July of next year until we reach that number. Either way, we should know the impact of having that many people on this earth and the effect it has on our limited resources.

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Featured content include the following information on the world population:

In 2045 there will be 9 billion people
Every second 5 people are born
Every second 2 people die
We’re all living longer: the average Life span is now 69 years old
By 2050, 70% of us will be living in urban areas
We have enough space for all these people: 7 billion people could fit shoulder-to-shoulder in the City of Los Angeles
In 1975 there were three mega-cities (cities with 10 million or more people); today there are 21 mega-cities