Play detective ala Murder, She Wrote with typewriter app


Many netbook-carrying, tablet-wielding young-uns may have only seen a typewriter at one of those vintage shops you see in Cubao Expo and don’t quite appreciate the slow, hard-pressed finger-typing it would take in order for those swing-arms to make that clicking sound as it hits the paper. But for the more nostalgic writer, a typewriter is something that’s as personal and pure as vinyl is to a dj. But then again, you can’t exactly lug around a typewriter whenever you’re feeling that nostalgia coming on, unless you want to pull an Angela Lansbury — which again, I don’t think many kids will even understand.

Well wouldn’t you know, there’s the Amazing Type-Writer iOS app. Produced by Devin Chalmers at Doormouse Manufacturing, this app mimics the beloved Remington typewriter and runs on micro-swingarms and the latest in mobile pneumatic tubes technology. You can record your thoughts & textual doodles, post your on their gallery and even view the works of others.

The Amazing Typewriter is available through the iTunes App store and retails for $1.99.