Starmobile launches own app to make device migration easier


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Starmobile claims that it is close to reaching a milestone. The company hopes to achieve 1 million users, and with the launch of its new app, Starmobile Sync, it hopes to fast-track the migration of users from other smartphone brands and from the feature-phone market to a Starmobile device by enabling the super-fast syncing of data—contacts, calendar entries, text messages, and other information—from one device to the other.

Starmobile Sync uses Bluetooth connectivity to facilitate transfer. Upon launching the app, the user must select the brand of the other phone and the appropriate model. It will then prompt the user to pair the two devices via Bluetooth. Then, the user will be able to select which details he would like to transfer to his Starmobile device. After a minute or so, the data can already be accessed on the Starmobile device.

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According to Starmobile, the typical process of syncing one’s contacts from a non-Android to an Android device is usually completed in 15 minutes, but the Starmobile Sync app is capable of syncing 1,300 contacts in just 60 seconds.