TalkO’clock: an app for that wake-up call


I’ve recently tried more pleasing ways to be awakened back to life, even to go as far as listening through the entire tone collection on my phone, and even recording a personal voice message trying to convince me to wake up so I can get to work and get paid. My sister, on the other hand, wakes up to the strangely soothing voice of Penelope Cruz taken from the movie “Vanilla Sky” while my husband uses this unforgivable horn sound that usually wakes me up cranky and hitting him to turn it off.

It seems everyone would like to find a way to make the disruption of comfortable slumber more tolerable, especially for the perpetual “snoozers” like myself. So of course, if you need it, there’s a probably an app for it. And that app is called the TalkO’clock. The app allows you to be awakened by a complete stranger (with the gender of your choice). These volunteers call you up in hopes that you won’t be as harsh to shut them up as you would with your own alarm clock. But if no volunteer is available, a CallO’Bot will give you a ring to assure you of a punctual day. It may seem a little creepy to have a stranger call you but don’t fret. Phone numbers aren’t shown and connections are made anonymously.

Now, you just have to choose a pleasant-sounding ringtone for when you get that wake-up call.

You can use talkO’clock either by downloading the iPhone/Android application, or through their website.