Turn an Android device into a child-friendy smartphone with Kytephone app


If you’re planning to give your kid a smartphone but are afraid of what he or she might do with it, there’s an app worth checking out called Kytephone. It’s a free Android app that will turn any smartphone into a child-friendly one. Once it’s installed, the phone becomes a controlled environment for them to play in, where parents are able to control contacts, apps, and photo-sharing. The online dashboard enables parents to see all activity done on the phone as well as track the phone so they’ll always know the location of their child.

Parents can download the app from Google Play and install it, after which, they can manage the phone via the dashboard. Only parents will be able to disable or unlock the app since they’ll have to input a code.

Kytephone is currently for Android only, but the company plans to bring it to iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry platforms in the future. The app is free to download, which will give you the basic functions mentioned, but users can also pay for premium features.