Vacation mode? Play this while you wait for the break to kick in.


There are a few days left before the end of the world, so in all likelihood, your brain has already checked out, and you are on break mode. If you have nothing better to do at work (or simply refuse to do anything else) and you have run out of 9gag pages, head over to It’s basically a Magic: The Gathering-style online game that is deceptively simple, yet impossible to stop playing. You are on a battlefield, and across you is an enemy city. To win, you must destroy said city with randomly-generated units that you can place either in front or behind your city. Depending on where you place the units, they will defend, attack, or generate resources with which you can do other things to further your cause. It’s very much like the popular collectible card game, except without the cards. You are given units randomly, so despite the straightforward goal, there are always boons and banes with which you will have to work. Just like M:tG, you can spend real money to buy additional units, though there are more than enough units in the single player game to unlock and keep things interesting. The game makers even put in a mode wherein you can challenge friends over the ‘net, so if you want to drag someone else into the hole of unproductivity, the game is more than willing to oblige.  Go ahead. hit the LINK. Just don’t blame us if you get caught.