Want more cloud storage? Rapidshare wants to help you out


The cloud is a wonderful thing. You have more storage, it’s safe, and you can get to it regardless of where you are, as long as you have ‘net. There are quite a few options out there, not the least of which are Dropbox and recently, Google Drive. We here at the office believe there is value in redundancy, so we’re pleased to hear about the latest entry in the cloud storage arena. Rapidshare is now offering their own cloud storage service, complete with desktop integration. While only in the Beta stage, the new service, dubbed RapidDrive seems like it could be at least on par with the Dropbox service. The feature list seems very close to other web storage services out there, and RapidShare has the added bonus of dealing with file sharing in the past. Keep posted, and see if you might want to give the service a shot. Take a look HERE to learn more.