Windows 8 Store details revealed, app trial periods are a go



As the world waits for the latest OS from Windows set later this year, more and more details are being released to keep people interested. Windows has just recently let loose a little more info about the Windows 8 store. Apps are apparently going to be pegged at a minimum price of USD 1.49, a little bit above the minimum price of other app stores, AND they will be offering an option to try out apps for 7 days without having to commit to the purchase. It should be noted, however, that it seems the trial option is left to the developer. That is to say, it’s totally cool with Bill if whoever made the program doesn’t let you try it for free. Still, it is nice to know that the option exists, and as it’s quite plausible to think that a dev that is confident in their product will be okay with letting the consumer try before they buy. Head over to this LINK and catch a few more details at the MSDN blog.