Windows Store hits new milestone: 100,000 apps now available for Windows 8


Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 10.50.25 AMRemember when we reported in March that Windows Store was able to pass the 50,000 mark? Just yesterday, the folks at the Windows App Builders Twitter account announced that the Windows Store was able to double the the contents of its library within four months, now having more than 100,000 available apps for Windows 8.

Microsoft’s app repository managed to hit this figure in just seven months after Windows 8 went on sale in October last year. This is something Ballmer and his company should take pride in, as the App Store and the Android Market (now Google Play) took 14 and 18 months, respectively, before they were able to hit the 100,000 mark, according to The Verge’s Tom Warren. To be fair, though, several factors are to be considered when analyzing the difference in the time frames, but nevertheless, props to Microsoft for vindicating themselves from the “Windows 8 is DOA theory” and maintaining a flourishing app store!