Android malware Android.Opfake uses dummy sites for games to infect smartphones


We’ve spoken about the merits of only downloading apps and games from official sources before, but it’s something that bears repeating, especially since there are a lot of folks out there that prey on unwitting and uninformed. Symantec is reporting that the creators of the Android.Opfake, a particularly nasty type of malware created for Android, has just changed their tactics for the worse. Symantec recently discovered several dummy sites being used to peddle the malware, which is being disguised as games such as Temple Run and Cut the Rope. The attackers have even gone so far as to include imagesof actual devices playing the games in an attempt to convince unsuspecting users that the malicious versions are actually legitimate.

The creators of Android.Opfake have even gone to the trouble of creating dummy sites that act as a distribution points for dummy games. Symantec says that all of the front-end sites connect back to a central back-endsite that acts as a file generator or repository. The games that are included in the dummy sites include Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, Temple Run and Angry Birds.

The best defence against being infected? Only download Android games and apps through the Google Play store, and always keep an eye on the permissions a certain app asks from you when being installed in your device. And as always, keep a healthy dose of common sense when downloading anything from the internet.