Android: Open or Pirate-friendy?


Let’s take a little moment now to discuss a sensitive issue. Piracy happens everywhere. it isn’t limited to the DVDs sold on the streets or files on torrent sites. For those of us who like to get deeply involved in modding our devices, pirating software can be a very tempting prospect. As with everything tempting, the easier it is go get your hands dirty, the more likely you are to do it. While there are ways to get pirated software into any mobile OS, THIS DEVELOPER claims that it’s the very design of Android that makes piracy such so easy. Those who have tried know just how easy it can be, and it seems the elephant in the room is that it is easy to sideload apps into Android because of its open nature. It’s a pretty interesting read, and something everyone should be aware of. Remember though, piracy is bad. People work hard for the apps they create, and we all owe them a little in return for their efforts.